Normobaric vs hyperbaric chamber – which one is better?

Breathing fresh air has always been a first step towards a healthy lifestyle.

It’s no wonder that so many businesses these days focus on improving the air we breathe in. Hence, the rise of oxygen chambers. They serve only one purpose: to create the best possible environment for humany body. These chambers can be either normobaric or hyperbaric. How are they different? And which one is better?

Read on further to find out.

Normobaric chambers – what are they?

Basically, normobaric chambers are made to create a very specific environment. The kind of environment that is ideal for your body and your blood cells. 

What environment is that, exactly?

An atmosphere, where barometric pressure equals 1500 hPA and has a high concentration of CO2 – also known as carbon dioxide. On top of that, the air in the chamber is rich in hydrogenic particles.

These conditions are necessary for the occurence of the Henderson-Bohr effect. It works like this: the environment around you “encourages” your blood cells to get more oxygen. If your environment is filled with CO2, then your blood cells will attempt to compensate for it. This way, you will get more oxygen inside your bloodstream.

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Normobaric chambers and their maker – meet Pokrywka M.D.

The very first normobaric chamber was built in Poland.

The whole idea was to dig deeper into the benefits of traditional oxygen therapy. To do so, Dr. Jan Pokrywka had to take a closer look at the available technology. Soon, he realised that oxygen therapy has a huge potential – but not without a room for improvement.

And so, a small town in lower Silesia has became the birthplace of the very first normobaric chamber. But Dr. Pokrywka didn’t stop there. Currently, you can find him in his very own normobaric house. It’s a building where one can live, sleep and work – all that while their tissues are getting pumped with oxygen.

The benefits of normobaric chamber

The main goal of every oxygen therapy is to deliver oxygen to your blood cells. By doing so, the therapy boosts each and every bodily function that requires oxygen. As you can imagine, there’s quite a few of them. Main benefits of regular sessions in a normobaric chamber include:

  • speeding up wound healing process;
  • strengthening your respiratory system;
  • slowing down processes related to aging 

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The list goes on. Regular oxygen therapy sessions are recommended for people with diabetes and for amateur athletes. How so? Whenever you exercise, your muscle fibers rip and tear, creating so called micro-tears. When you rest, these tiny fibers grow back – bigger and stronger than before. Oxygen therapy speeds up the recovery process. This way, your muscles will grow faster than before.

At the same time, if you are suffering from diabetes, oxygen therapy will help you heal foot ulcers.

Hyperbaric chamber – what is it?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, also known as HBOT, is a type of treatment that takes place in an environment filled with oxygen. Hyperbaric chamber creates an environment rich in oxygen. Also, the barometric pressure is 3 times higher than within regular atmosphere. 

In these conditions, the barometric pressure forces oxygen to enter your bloodstream. As the result, your blood cells carry more oxygen than usual. Any health benefits are a direct result of that state.

Benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric chambers have been around for years. Their benefits have been studied extensively, and medical professionals from around the world are prescribing HBOTs to their patients. 

Right now, we know that HBOTs can are used in treating:

  • chronic headache;
  • Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease;
  • diabetes;
  • chronic wounds

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New research is being published every day. One of them suggests, that HBOTs can go as far as to treat brain injuries

Normobaric, or Hyperbaric – which one is better?

First normobaric chamber was created to be a successor to hyperbaric chambers.


It all comes down to the oxygen concentration.

During regular session in the hyperbaric chamber, the oxygen concentration fluctuates. In some cases, it can go as high as 40% and more. It’s a dangerous level that can cause a chemical pneumonia. Normobaric chembers were built so the oxygen concentration levels stay below 40%.

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This way, each therapy session can last days, instead of hours. Previously mentioned Dr. Pokrywka lives in normobaric house as if it was his regular home. And he never experienced any side effects.


Sukoff, M. H. (2001). Effects of hyperbaric oxygenation. Journal of neurosurgery95(3), 544-546.

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